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All prices on all of our over 15 sites are retail prices. Ask about our discounted prices, quantity discounts, on sale and seasonal discounted prices. Also, because our vender base is so large (running into the thousands) we can often get the identical item from a different vendor but at an even lower discounted price and then pass the additional saving on to you. Ask about our FREE Shipping, FREE art, and our 24/7 no charge rush orders.

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Welcome to Wholesale Custom Calendars

We are the final word in wholesale custom Promotional calendars, custom promotional pocket calendars, Custom promotional pocket planner, imprinted pocket planners, Custom Promotional desk calendars, religious Promotional custom calendars, custom Promotional wall calendars, magnetic calendars, promotional custom magnetic calendars, Custom Promotional magnetic Business Cards, Custom promotional car calendars, custom promotional desk pads, custom promotional desk planners, and much more!

Need Help? Call us. We are #1 in customer service & satisfaction (800) 485-4461. Call for FREE calendar sample kits and... calendar rush jobs, no problem. These wholesale custom calendars, custom promotional calendars, handy pocket calendars, handy desk calendars, handy religious calendars, wall calendars, magnetic calendars, car calendars, desk pads, and desk planners prominently display your brand 24/7 and is a daily reminder of who you are and what you do, as we creatively craft your brand and message into the design of your custom calendars.

Our category list runs into the thousands!! You should be able to find almost anything that you want. If you can't, call (1-800-485-4461) or email us (specialties2fb@gmail.com) and we will find it for you. Again, our choices are enormous, as you will see. Contact us. We will be happy to help find what you want.

These stock-imprinted calendars, wholesale custom calendars and promotional calendars will be a daily reminder to your clients of who you are. when others see your brand and message proudly displayed, it is like a recommendation each and every time. You will leave a lasting impression. Take advantage of our custom calendars and promotional calendars that get results. We will create specialty custom calendars true to your vision. It’s that easy! Again, handy pocket calendars, desk calendars, religious calendars, stapled calendars, magnetic calendars, car calendars, desk pads, desk planners and much more. And, remember, calendar rush jobs…no problem.

You can have us provide you with a custom calendar, promotional calendar …or… you may also choose a stock calendar, and simply add your information. So explore all that The calendar queen has to offer… custom calendars, FREE calendar sample kits, #1 in customer service, calendar rush jobs …your choice.

Again, we are #1 in customer service & satisfaction (800) 485-4461. Call for FREE calendar sample kits including custom calendars, promotional calendars and stock calendars… and again, as always, calendar rush jobs are no problem. Contact us now. The calendar queen works hard to make sure you are glad you did...it's guaranteed!


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