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Why Advertise with Custom promotional Calendars and the NEW Exciting RC Codes!!?


Let us add
"QR codes" to all of your calendars, calendar pages, advertising specialties and other promotional products.

Your customers can view changes as they happen on things such as your web sites, blogs, new menu items, weekly specials, new product introductions, Sales and discounts, group meetings time and place, hours of business, on a boat, in the theaters, at a picnic, while at home, at the office, in their car, on a ship, at the beach, picnic or where ever!

(What are QR Codes? Click here and we will explain what, how and why this is a must have new technology feature that can dramatically increase your business for free once imprinted on your promotional and ad specialty giveaway products.)

Constant Exposure
People use their calendar every day, and each time they do, they are exposed to your ad message and now your web site and/or blog if you have the QR button imprint on your page.

Also, as you change your web page or blog info, they now see new info about you and your organization keeping them current on what you and your organization are doing at that moment in time...week end specials, new discounts, up dated product info, new inventory just in, etc, etc.

As a working part of a person's daily routine, calendar advertising is like buying space on the recipient's desk, wall, briefcase or pocket.

Even more, the new QR button printed on your item is like having your computer also right at their desk to view your latest screens and latest information as it changes.

Because you control distribution, there's virtually no wasted coverage. Calendar advertising offers the lowest cost-per-qualified-impression available.

Now, with the new QR technology, you can change your message to your client daily, weekly, monthly or any time you want; keeping them current on what is happening instantaneously. You can even include your email for them to reach out to you, place an order, get answers to questions, etc.

If you set up a blog on your computer you can even communicate with your calendar recipient in real time!

Does it Really Work?
Absolutely! Over 80% of home and business recipients report purchasing the products or services of the advertiser who gave them their calendar.

And, with the new QR technology, it is expected that results will be even better.

Come check us out. Arguably, we have one of the largest calendar choices on the net and the best price deal anywhere. We will work hard to make sure you are happy that you used us and that you keep coming back for years to come.

Jackie Moore, President